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by unaWare Games

An excellent MIDI editor with a lot of helping features for creating music. I like the chord library, the extended copy/paste/move/transform of a group of events, the two display modes: classical DAW or Falling  …

The UI design build with UI Toolkit is impressive. A must have!


Body Play Music – Prototype


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Eeveelution Band – Prototype

This is my prototype featuring Pokemon characters playing MIDI keyboards using this toolkit. Wow. This was a lot of work. 11 months of learning from Blender to Unity. Since this is Pokemon related, I will not be selling anything in this. This was just a fun hobby project to keep me occupied. There are some inaccuracies you may notice and that’s due to my key targeting algorithm is still a work in progress. The video is 2 parts. The first part is showcasing them playing music and the second part is showcasing the animations I made for them from Blender. I have more plans with this for the future.

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Sound Spatialisation, MPTK is ready for Virtual Reality [free]

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