Class MPTKEvent – Generate Note

MPTKEvent class is a central class when you want to:

  • Generate music with MidiStreamPlayer,
  • read midi events from a Midi file with MidiLoad or MidiFilePlayer,
  • receive midi events from keyboard with MidiInReader or MidiKeyboard .

With this MPTKEvent, you can:

  • Play and stop a note,
  • change instrument (preset, patch, …),
  • change some control as modulation or default value of the SoundFont generator,
  • acces to each voice, …


See here for the full description.



Apply modification on default SoundFont generator value. Can be applied independently for each notes, can be applied in real time when the note is played.

  • genType Type of generator to modify. Not all generators are authorized to real time modification.
  • value for the generator between 0 (min value for the generator) and 1 (max value for the generator)
  • mode
    • Override: the SoundFont value is overridden,
    • Reinforce: the value is added to the default value.

See here to get a sheet with detailed explanations of parameters as volume envelope (ADSR) and tuning.

// Create a midi event for a C5 note (60) mptkEvent = new MPTKEvent() { Value = 60 }; // Fine tuning (pitch) mptkEvent.MPTK_ModifySynthGenerator(fluid_gen_type.GEN_FINETUNE, 0.52f, MPTKModeGeneratorChange.Override); // Change low pass filter frequency mptkEvent.MPTK_ModifySynthGenerator(fluid_gen_type.GEN_FILTERFC, 0.6f, MPTKModeGeneratorChange.Override); midiStream.MPTK_PlayDirectEvent(mptkEvent);
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