Use Case

In progress ….

Prefab available for Free

  • MidiFilePlayer: play music from a Midi file with a full control: speed, position, quantization, channel.
  • MidiStreamPlayer: create music from your algorithm.
  • MidiFileLoader: load a Midi file for analysis or processing purpose.

Prefab available with the Pro version

  • MidiListPlayer: play music from list of Midi files, overlap between Midi, play part of a midi, loop …
  • MidiExternalPlay: playing a Midi directly from the Web or anywhere on the desktop.
  • MidiInReader: read Midi events from a Midi keyboard, play directly, or do anything that you want with the Midi events.
  • MidiSpatializer: play music from a Midi files with the spatializer ready for a 3D environment where each instruments can be localized.

There is surely a prefab for your need! All you have to do is to add one of this prefab to your scene.