Setup MPTK – Sound Spatialization in Unity

Find here some explanations how to setup Spatialization in Unity and also understanding how building spatialization solutions with Maestro Midi File Player Tool Kit.

  • Look here for understanding how to build a Multi Sound Spatialization solution with Maestro.
  • or here to defined the core spatialization mode..

Sound Spatialization is a key component of the player’s immersion. Our ears and brains are highly aware of microscopic delays between the sound received from a source at the left and right ears respectively. Furthermore we are capable of unconsciously interpreting a change in the balance of high frequencies to tell if an object is in front of, behind or even above or below us: Sound is extremely important in our daily navigation, we just maybe don’t notice it that much! (extracted from Unity Doc, see here for all the text).

Midi Player Tool Kit has been tested with these spatializers:

Microsoft HRTF Spatializer

  • Supports UWP and PC running Windows 10).
  • Go to Unity menu “Window / PackageManager / Unity Registry”
  • Search for “windows XR” and install the package.

Oculus Spatializer

  • Supports Android, OSX, and PC.
  • Go to Unity menu “Window / PackageManager / Unity Registry”
  • Search for “Oculus XR” and install the Oculus Package for your target platform.

Resonance Audio


  • the parameter “Unity Distance Graph” must be checked in Dear VR Source component).

Tip: See here a quick tuto on the Maestro Discord site.

After installing the spatializer of your choice, you’ll be able to select the spatializer plugins from the Unity menu “Edit / Project Settings / Audio”.

See here for setup spatialization with Unity:

Tip: to really appreciate sound spatialization, use an headphone!