Platform Compatibility

MPTK is operational on Windows, Mac OS, IOs and Android.

Warning: with Mac M1 and M2 architecture, in some case the DSP buffer length is not a multiple of 64: no sound will be produced or error will be displayed. Try to change the ‘DSP Buffer Size’ in the Unity Editor menu ‘Edit / Project Settings / Audio’.
A dedicated Maestro error log message will be displayed with the next version.

  • WebGL compatibility:
    • Only with non core MIDI player (see bellow).
    • Also, partial looped samples are not well processed by WebGL, perfect for drum kit, but quite limited!
      • Jun 2023: A good news, a Unity issue has been open and is now fixed in Unity 2023. Thanks to your vote!
      • A good refresh and check of Maestro WebGL will be done soon.
    • Other functions like reading/writing midi events work correctly.
    • The MIDI sequencer is able to play only in the non core mode (see MidiPlayer/MidiStream prefab inspector)
    • The plugins MidiKeyboard is not available with WebGL, but Web MIDI API could be your friend (not tested with Maestro) !
Uncheck Core Player to activate MIDI File reading with WebGL

  • iOS and Android recommendations
    • Test is OK on iPhone 7 and 8
    • Changing Synth rate is now available for iOS devices (with version 2.88.3). It seems that the sound devices does not like changing the default synth rate: 24 kHz by default.
    • Use a recent Unity version (last tested on 2022.1). Follow this Unity tuto. If possible, use JDK/SDK/NDK/Gradle deployed with Unity.
    • Tested with these API:
      • Android 5.0 and 9.0API Level 21 and 28.NET 4.x mono also checked with success with IL2CPP
    • The plugins MidiKeyboard is not available with Android and IOs. But a pull requests for Android branches exists in MidiJack. Thank Ming for the information!