SoundFont Exclusive Class

Within a SoundFont, sounds can be mutually exclusive: for example, a ‘closed hihat’ sound will terminate an ‘open hihat’ sound ringing at the same time.

This  behavior is modeled in SoundFont  using ‘exclusive classes’: turning on a sound with an exclusive class other than 0 will kill all other sound having that exclusive class within the same preset or channel.

Exclusive class defined with Polyphone

Obviously, Midi Player Tool Kit implements this standard behavior. But we let you have the choice to activate or not this way of work.

By script, use this method: MPTK_KillByExclusiveClass and set to false to disable the kill by exclusive. By default the value is true, if you want to change it, call this method once after the synthesizer is initialized. See here how.

With inspector:

With the current version (2.841), these parameters are only visible with MiDiFilePlayer prefab. They will be extended to others prefab in the next version.