Setup Maestro MPTK – Add Midi files

MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) is a well-known format for playing music. There is something incredible with MIDI music, it’s that we can find a lot of varied music, often for free, on the web. Look at this web site to get more details about MIDI.

Try here to find and download interesting Midi files:

  • Midi World is a huge free Midi site with varied genre : classic, pop, rock, rap, dance, punk, blues, country, movie themes, tv themes, Christmas carols, video game themes, disney themes, national anthems, jazz , hip-hop.
  • Free Midi is also huge free midi site with varied genre : Rock, Pop, Rap, Hip-Hop, R&B, Soul, Classical, Country Folk, Jazz, Blues, Dance / Electric, Folk, Punk, New age.
  • Huge library of Midi video game. Started in 1996, thousands Midi files are available.
  • Another site specialized in Midi video games.

But MIDI norm is quite complex to implements in an application. Luckily all the hard stuff is hidden by MPTK : it’s quick and easy for adding Midi files to MPTK. Go to the menu Tools /  MPTK – Midi File Setup.

This popup windows is displayed :

  • Button “Add a Midi File” : add a Midi File (filename of type .mid) from your computer to Midi Player Tool Kit.
  • Button “Add From Folder” : add all the Midi Files found in a folder (filename of type .mid) from your computer to Midi Player Tool Kit.
  • Button Open Folder : open the folder containing all your Midi files. Copy your Midi files in this folder to imports directly Midi files in your project.
  • Select a Midi File : (optional) read the Midi file and display information in the right panel : tempo, patch, copyright, …
  • Button X : delete the Midi File from the list

Now, your MIDIs are ready to be played with your application. See here how to.

Tips :

  • Demo video here
  • Don’t forget to ask authorization for copyrighted resources!