Updating Maestro MPTK

Before updating, check that you are using a Unity version 2019.4.28 or newer. Maestro has been tested with the last 2019 version (LTS), 2020 and 2021.

Unity Official Releases

Obviously if you have never downloaded Maestro from the Unity store, download here the Free MPTK or the Pro MPTK.

Unity update limitation

The Unity import asset have some limitation. It’s an update, so files removed from the asset will not be removed from the Unity project.

Consequently, if you are updating Maestro Midi Player ToolKit, some older classes will remain in the folders because Unity import won’t removed these files and you will get tricky issues.

If after updating you got strange errors, remove the full MidiPlayer folder.

Please follow this steps:

First, Backup your project.

Secondly, remove the entire current Maestro version in the Unity Editor project panel.

Which means: remove folder MidiPlayer. Warning: all your MIDI’s and SoundFonts will be deleted but it’s also possible to preserve them look here.

Delete the folder MidiPlayer (one column mode)
Delete the folder MidiPlayer in the two columns mode

Finally, import Maestro. See below how to:

So don’t forget : never create your own assets (scene, script, …) in the MidiPlayer folder.  Or You will have hard difficulties to update Maestro. For example above, TestMPTK is another asset which is using the Maestro asset.

Unity Package Manager

For updating, go to the menu Window / Package Manager.

See here Unity documentation.


For updating, search Maestro in package “My Asset”. If you can’t find it, perhaps you have never downloaded Maestro from the Unity store. Download here: the Free MPTK or the Pro MPTK.

Windows view
MacOS view with Maestro update from 2.82 to 2.88.2

Preserve your Resources!

When updating, if you want to keep your MIDI and SoundFont, it’s also possible but that need some operations:

After making a backup, delete these folders from your project.
Then delete these files but not the Resources folder!
Keep only MidiDB and SoundFontDB folders.

You can now download ans install the last version of Maestro MPTK.