Prefab MidiFileLoader

The prefab MidiFileLoader is useful for loading all or a part of the MIDI events from a Midi file.

There is no MIDI Sequencer, no MIDI Synthesizer, no music playing capabilities, just loading and decoding a MIDI file to a list of MPTKEvent. Obviously, this prefab has some interest only for scripting.

MIDI can be loaded from the MidiDB list (see Unity menu MPTK / Midi Player Setup) or from a folder on the desktop (Pro).

Classically, the Prefab can be added to the scene hierachy:

// A MidiFileLoader prefab must be added to the hierarchy with the editor (see menu MPTK) MidiFileLoader midiFileLoader = FindObjectOfType<MidiFileLoader>();
Code language: C# (cs)

Or it can be created and loaded only by script:

MidiFileLoader midiFileLoader; private void Awake() { // MidiPlayerGlobal is a singleton: only one instance can be created. if (MidiPlayerGlobal.Instance == null) gameObject.AddComponent<MidiPlayerGlobal>(); // When running, this component will be added to this gameObject midiFileLoader = gameObject.AddComponent<MidiFileLoader>(); }
Code language: C# (cs)

Then reading the MIDI contents is easy:

// Select a MIDI from the MIDI DB (with exact name) midiFileLoader.MPTK_MidiName = "Bach - Fugue"; // Load the MIDI file if (midiFileLoader.MPTK_Load()) { // Read all MIDI events List<MPTKEvent> sequence = midiFileLoader.MPTK_ReadMidiEvents(); Debug.Log($"Loading '{midiFileLoader.MPTK_MidiName}', MIDI events count:{sequence.Count}"); } else Debug.Log($"Loading '{midiFileLoader.MPTK_MidiName}' - Error");
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