Setup MPTK V1 – Add Midi files

Midi file is a well-known format for playing music. It’s very easy to find a lot of varied music often for free on the web.

Try here to find and download interesting Midi files:

  • Midi World is a huge free Midi site with varied genre : classic, pop, rock, rap, dance, punk, blues, country, movie themes, tv themes, Christmas carols, video game themes, disney themes, national anthems, jazz , hip-hop.
  • Free Midi is also huge free midi site with varied genre : Rock, Pop, Rap, Hip-Hop, R&B, Soul, Classical, Country Folk, Jazz, Blues, Dance / Electric, Folk, Punk, New age.
  • Huge library of Midi video game. Started in 1996, thousands Midi files are available.
  • Another site specialized in Midi video games but seems not responding now …

Add Midi files to MPTK is easy ! Go to the menu Tools /  MPTK – Midi File Setup

This popup windows is displayed :

  • Click on button “Add Midi File” to add a Midi File (filename of type .mid) from your computer to Midi Player Tool Kit.
  • “Analyze”: (optional) read the Midi file and displays information in the right panel : tempo, patch, copyright, …
  • “Remove”: delete the Midi File from the list

Tips :

  • You can also directly imports a group of midi files in your project : from the file explorer of your computer, copy Midi files into folders MidiPlayer\Assets\MidiPlayer\Resources\MidiDB. Next, you have to go to menu Tools and “Midi Player Tool Kit” to automatically add these new Midi files.
  • Demo video here
  • Don’t forget to ask authorization for copyrighted resources!