Midi Player Tool Kit For Unity

Midi Player Tool Kit is a package for Unity able to play music from Midi files or Midi Stream in your application. There is no need of external component or device.

Thank to SoundFont for adding hundred sounds of instruments for playing Midi files.


  • No scripting C# or JS is mandatory: specific inspector defined all your needs directly in Unity editor.
  • Add Midi Audio Source Prefab in your scene as much as you want.
  • Add Midi files (from the web or from your composition) as much as you want.
  • Play / Paused automatically based on distance.
  • API available to integrate MPTK in your application.


Midi file is a well-known format for playing music. It’s very easy to find a lot of varied music often for free on the web.

The benefits of Midi is: smaller compared as classic audio files, more flexible (transpose, speed, …)

Try here to find interesting Midi file :

  • http://www.midiworld.com Midi World is a huge free Midi site with varied genre : classic, pop, rock, rap, dance, punk, blues, country, movie themes, tv themes, Christmas carols, video game themes, disney themes, national anthems, jazz , hip-hop.
  • https://freemidi.org Free Midi is also huge free midi site with varied genre : Rock, Pop, Rap, Hip-Hop, R&B, Soul, Classical, Country Folk, Jazz, Blues, Dance / Electric, Folk, Punk, New age.
  • https://www.vgmusic.com Huge library of Midi video game. Started in 1996, thousands Midi files are available.
  • http://www.midishrine.com Another site specialized in Midi video games.

Tips :

Don’t forget to ask authorization for copyrighted resources!

If you or a friend, are musician you could also compose your own music, record as Midi and use it in your application!


Midi Player Tool Kit is based on SoundFont, a kind of library which contains hundred sounds of instruments as piano, sax, drum, …

But SoundFont are designed to be used with synthesizer or powerful computer. Midi Player Tool Kit converts SoundFont to a simpler format with not all the functionalities of SoudFont but enough to play music to support application in Unity.

The FREE version of Midi Player Tool Kit use the SoundFont GeneralUser_GS_SoftSynth_v144. It’s a SoundFont with a good balancing between size and quality.

Thousands SoundFonts are available on the web, often for free. The PRO version is able to use others SoundFonts and optimize the size of sounds in your application.

Find SounfFonts here:

Tips : try General Midi SoundFont to get a large variety of instruments and a compatibility with Midi norm.